Community Newsletter

Stay up to date on community happenings. Hard copies of the newsletter are distributed throughout the neighborhood.

Lamont Crosswalks

Residents on Lamont have asked for traffic calming measures. DDOT has proposed the following options for the crosswalks at 13th and Lamont and 11th and Lamont

DDOT Construction Notices

3300 block of 11th Street NW

Local Community Resources

Frequently interact with those suffering from homelessness and addiction? Hand out the resource sheet below along with a bottle of water and some food.

11th and Park Rd Bike Share

DDOT's statement on the bike share located at 11th and Park Rd. 

DDOT Public Space Notice

Verizon Wireless plans to install a wireless telecommunication antennae on the 1200 block of Lamont street and on the 3100 block of 13th street

Neighborhood Assistance

Trash didn't get picked up? Spotted some neighborhood graffiti? This sheet shows who you can call and how long they will take to respond

Public Safety

The 2019 slate of community conversations. Conversations are focused on public safety and health.