In a country where over 50 percent of students qualify for free or reduced-price meals, where Black students are almost four times as likely to be suspended as white students, and only 33 percent of high schools with high Black and Latino/a/x student enrollment offer calculus; we can no longer afford not to implement wholesale change. Our students deserve more.

As a Senior Program Specialist and Community Organizer, I advocate for quality conditions of learning and evidence-based school improvement strategies like Community schools. Community schools are a proven strategy for expanding opportunity and advancing student success. Community schools include a rich and varied academic program, instructional time focused on learning rather than teaching, shared leadership, restorative discipline practices, authentic family engagement, and support services like meals and health care. I believe all residents should have access to a Community school if it best meets their needs. 

Public Transporation

Originally from Los Angeles, California, I am all too familiar with the consequences of a severely congested city- pollution, declining public health, and loss of productivity. A majority of our community uses public transportation to get to work and has a commute time that averages 34 minutes- investing in more efficient, reliable public transportation is integral to our quality of life. DC can do better starting with more bike lanes, reducing wait times for bus and rail, dedicated bus lanes, and designated ride-share stops.


I am a strong proponent of smart and fair development. Smart and fair means transit-oriented development (TOD) and a say in public subsidies and zoning changes. TOD includes access to grocery stores, green spaces, and affordable housing. As a former member of the Orange County Child Care and Development Planning Council, I worked with local non-profits, city agencies, and city planners to achieve zoning designations that benefitted all of the community, designations like by right for child care centers. As Commissioner, I plan to continue fighting for the community residents deserve.

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