My name is Angelica Castañon, and I am the Commissioner for Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) seat 1A06. As a child raised in poverty, I was all too familiar with the obstacles it raised and the impact it had on one’s opportunities. Moving from home to home, homework by candlelight, and missed meals didn’t do much for my chances of making it to graduation. But thanks to dedicated teachers and a committed community, I was able to choose more for myself- not only was I able to make it to college, but I was able to go beyond and obtain a Master of Public Administration from Columbia University. I was lucky to be the beneficiary of so much goodness, but families shouldn’t have to rely on luck to achieve their dreams. As your ANC rep, I want to work with you to extend opportunity to all: quality schools; affordable housing; multiple modes of transportation; and green spaces are just a few ways we can achieve the community we deserve. But I can’t do this alone, so I ask: are you ready to serve your community?


Together, we are unstoppable.


Neighborhood Wins:

  • Co-organized the first annual Earth Day cleanup

  • Partnered with 11th and Bark to secure $2.15 million to acquire and improve the dog park located at 11th and Park Rd

  • Collaborated with DDOT to resod neighborhood sidewalks, improve the crosswalks at 11th and Lamont and 13th and Lamont, ensure residents on 13th street have access to the Residential Parking Permit program, and install a Capital Bikeshare station on 11th and Park Rd NW.

  • Led a community campaign on public health and safety which included monthly service walks, a community training, and monthly meetings with stakeholders

  • Partnered with Murals DC to have the graffiti removed from Park Market and commission a new mural.

  • Spearheaded the commission's first-ever community training on public safety